I’m a filmmaker with the goal of telling stories for a living. For the past 15 years I’ve earned my income helping others make that dream come true. Always learning and prepping for the day my time came until I finally accepted that my time wasn’t coming. That as a Black Woman in this industry – an industry that’s tough for anyone regardless of race and sex – I had to make it happen for myself.

So, I sat down with a legal pad (old school) to come up with a simple but exciting story that I could make on a tight budget. Knowing that all the best stories come from a personal place, I decided to write something personal, a tumultuous and bizarre relationship I had with a dude way too young for me, and perversely turned it into my dream.

I managed to raise a few dollars from friends and family, pulled together what little savings I had and applied for every credit card that I could get. And for 12 days in August, many of them spent in my hot apartment, we gathered together to make my dream come true.

Selfishly I call it my dream but I’d like to think this was also a dream for the cast and crew because at the end of the day and with very little resources we accomplished something special. Together we made Maya and Her Lover, a funny, sexy and smart non-love story that will satisfy the hunger of even the most discerning moviegoer.