I have always wanted to be a storyteller. The idea of sitting in a dark theater watching moving images on a 50-foot screen is magical to me. Corny – yes I know – but true. When I’m sad or having a bad day, I can always count on a good movie to uplift my mood. For a storyteller, the opportunity to make someone laugh or cry or to just make them think is the ultimate satisfaction.

For several years now, I’ve been making that dream come true for other directors working while alongside them. If I do say so myself, even as a kick-ass producer, the desire to direct again has never left me – it only got stronger. That’s when I decided it was time to get serious and pursue my goal of directing.

As an independent filmmaker, we’re often encouraged to “tell personal stories,” or to “write what we know” the idea being that a truthful story is usually a more interesting one. Maya and Her Lover is such a story. The film explores several themes: ageism, isolation and classism. It deals with complacency, intimacy and self-acceptance. In addition, it examines choices we make in life and the sometimes-disappointing consequences that follow.

The idea for this story came to me after ending a brief affair that I had with a much younger man. At first being with him was fun; it challenged me to try new things. Admittedly, I was at a vulnerable time in my life, which speaks volumes to my deference, and while the relationship proved ultimately disruptive it did force me to confront and change some things about my life. So, like any good storyteller, I decided to exploit, oh sorry, to write about it.

With the screenplay Maya and Her Lover, I’ve accomplished my first goal of writing a funny, sexy and relatable story. Now as a director, my next goal is to take that vision from story to screen and, hopefully, make someone laugh, cry or just think.